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IMG_20200112_162843077.jpg Blacktop inlet IMG_20200112_162742103.jpg IMG_20200112_162736486.jpg Fuel tank 2 Blacktop Inlet IMG_20200114_112055.jpg Suit size
Turbo update Suit Fuel tank 7 Fuel tank 1 Ford hego Fuel tank 6 Fuel tank 4 Fuel tank 5

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Race Suit
Brandshatch Fri 31st Jan
Spectating at Cadwell - with the kids?
Plastic fuel tank leak - Daytona 955i
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Wide body Dashboard (IVA Compliant)
Hamilton classics Cair-o-port (medium)
Westfield SeiW upgrade leftovers
Build table, with casters, can be dismantled
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Pell Genesis mid engine racing chassis
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MX5 California on Ebay
Velocity XT Wishbone drawings

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Sierra wilwood rear disc conversion
Race Suit
FS: zetec engine package
Brandshatch Fri 31st Jan
Spectating at Cadwell - with the kids?
Wide body Dashboard (IVA Compliant)
FS: VDO Speedometer + Tacho
Lotus Eclat V8 project....
1995 zx9r powered Sylva Striker project ..
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Plastic fuel tank leak - Daytona 955i
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electric water pump
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