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Author: Subject: Usual drive home ish

posted on 29/9/16 at 06:08 PM Reply With Quote
Usual drive home ish

Usual drive home starts with a tiny road down to a B road, I pull out with Small hatch a way behind, round a bend on to a short drag and then a Blue VW Golf something is sat on my bumper, how did he do that?
A bit more wibbly wobbly until the unrestricted sign and immediately a 90 right followed by a 90 left, look in my mirror and see Golf knob sideways pointing to the inside of the second 90, how did he do that? Oversteer in a front wheel drive!
Next bit is a steep sweep down to a 90 right, it's one of only 2 safe passing places but is challenging as it's always wet at the bottom where you want to brake, so I passed the car in front in time to make the corner, Golf knob didn't get passed, I cover a few more bends to arrive behind a Ka, Golf knob appears, how did he do that? as nowhere to pass.
I'm now in quiet mode as there is nowhere safe to pass for miles......
He shows his nose to my right hand mirror... no sorry he's pulling out to take me and the Ka with a blind corner only meters ahead, he's still overtaking the Ka as the Ka is at the beginning of the corner, I brake so I have a chance to avoid the debry from any crash, he makes it.
Well I like a spirited drive ( was in my old Fiesta ST) but you can never beat stupid.

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I drink to forget
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myke pocock

posted on 29/9/16 at 07:09 PM Reply With Quote
Problem is that he would most likely take someone else out as well as himself. I bet he felt chuffed and well primed for all the stories to his mates in the pub.
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posted on 29/9/16 at 07:17 PM Reply With Quote
I live by a large amount of heath land and open dirt tracks.

I see on a semi-regular basis kids (and often with their parents or elders) riding along recklessly with no saftey gear.

Word has week and truly got out that police don't chase criminals on bikes and they feel they can do what ever they want.

Maybe the OP just come across a guy on a 'mad day'. I used to have them bit not to the level you have experienced. Just some silly cornering or car park antics. . . . .

Track days ARE the best thing since sliced bread, until I get a supercharger that is!

Please read my ring story:

Me doing a sub 56sec lap around Brands Indy. I need a geo set up!

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