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Bleeding MC?
McLannahan - 7/6/19 at 02:11 PM

Afternoon everyone - I am replacing the brake lines on my old Golf as one of them had rotted/split. The others were of the same age so I've decided to do all four. I've also taken this opportunity to change the MC too so a slightly larger bore found on the later 16v (Mine is 1989 LHD GTI)

So....I've bought an easi-bleed valve and was going to fit the lines and then bleed the system. However I've seen on a few forums/FB/etc that it's best to bench bleed the MC before fitting it. Most videos seem to show a 2 port system, but the MC I have is 4 port and did not come with a bleed kit. Do all ports have to be done at the same time?

Is it worth doing this - and if I do what's the best way to do it without the kit? I did consider buying some bleed nipples to fit to the MC and then attempt to do prime each one in turn - but this will add extra cost and I'm not sure it'll work effectively either?

So - Bench bleed or not? If yes - any top tips? I also have a rear compensator - Do I continue and just ignore this, or will this prove to be challenging?

Thanks everyone!

rusty nuts - 7/6/19 at 02:53 PM

I was taught the bench bleed before fitting a master cylinder but I have found in practice it makes very little difference when using a pressure bleeder. Make sure you donít have too much pressure when using an easy bleed ,probably around 15 psi or 1 bar otherwise you will have a leak from the cap to m/c connection. You can crack off each connection in turn on the master cylinder when the easibleed is connected to release any air

McLannahan - 7/6/19 at 03:45 PM

Ah, sorry thatís probably my mistake. Iíve got the manual tubing with a valve on, sadly not an automated machine.

Does your advice still stand?

Many thanks for replying

rusty nuts - 7/6/19 at 04:01 PM

Easibleed is around £20 , makes bleeding brakes and clutches a one man job , bleeds in a fraction of the time and more importantly it will bleed where pumping the pedal doesnít always work . Spent ages and loads of fluid trying to bleed the clutch on my old Midget, Easibleed did the job literally in 5 seconds .