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Author: Subject: Pinto hole query !

posted on 9/12/17 at 05:51 PM Reply With Quote
Pinto hole query !

Hi I'm in the process of fitting a new dashboard and trying to work everything out before I start dismantling different sections .I'm fitting a digi dash so the old clocks and Speedo cable are now obsolete. I gavent disconnected the Speedo cable from the gearbox yet or even looked at how it fits ! But I would imagine it's going to leave a hole that is going to need blocking off .Is there a blanking off plate I can buy or is it going to be a home made job or what ? Any help much appreciated. Cheers - nick
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posted on 9/12/17 at 06:00 PM Reply With Quote
Mine has been on the car for 10+ years without any blanking plug!
Not sure that is right though, it's not leaked any oil yet!
It's coming out soon for an engine change so I'll check it out then.

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posted on 9/12/17 at 06:23 PM Reply With Quote
if I remember correctly, its possible to get blanking plugs. but also a coin fits, and can be held with a circlip
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steve m

posted on 10/12/17 at 09:17 AM Reply With Quote
I presume its a ford gearbox. and if so you do not need a blanking plate or cover, as it has a seal in there were the speedo drive comes out, no oil should leak out,


Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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posted on 10/12/17 at 05:41 PM Reply With Quote
Yes it's a ford type 9 gearbox .forgot to mention that .Thanks for the help everyone .An easy and straightforward job then ! Well that will be a first !

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