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Gearshifter solution for Zetec 6 speed getrag, extra long cables?
ch1ef - 1/2/20 at 09:27 PM

Not sure if there as an easier solution? My Car has a Zetec with a getrag 6 speed box. Is there a custom shifter to reverse the gear lever action, to then run cables to the box as normal, or do I need to run extra long cables so they one in from the front of the shifter as it would be in the FWD setup? What is the norm without making a custom shifter?

Thanks for any help

ianhurley20 - 1/2/20 at 09:36 PM

I was going to build a Midlana and had some cables from an MG F with the Ford gear lever which seemed to fit the bill. That said after my Haynes accident the Midlana project was shelved so can't confirm its operation