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IVA Pass - Livingston
JekRankin - 24/6/19 at 06:16 PM

After nearly 10 years of building, I'm pleased to report my Fury passed IVA Got through on the first attempt at the Livingston test centre. The test went almost without a hitch and the IVA examiner was a great guy, with a common sense approach to the rules. Managed the 100 mile round trip to the test centre with no real issues, aside from a brief interview from the police at a service station.

The test was actually a few weeks ago now, but I realised I hadn't posted here, so...just a quick note to thank everyone in the Locostbuilders community for the help during the build. I've not posted much on here, but I've spent many hours reading through the archives, and received much invaluable advice along the way.

It wasn't always a fun experience, mostly due to the issues I had with the original kit supplied by BGH, but I'm glad I returned to finish the project after a few years hiatus. Pulling out onto the motorway on the maiden voyage to the test centre, only half a mile from my garage, is an experience I'll never forget!

Now on with the fun part!

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talkingshte - 24/6/19 at 07:16 PM

Congratulations! It's such a good feeling going on that first drive, isn't it? Now it's time to enjoy all your hard work!
Have they stopped testing at glasgow?

adithorp - 24/6/19 at 07:29 PM

Nice one. I remember you coming to Stoneleigh with a chassis on your roof rack.

HowardB - 24/6/19 at 07:46 PM

congratulations - great to know that there is yet another Fury on the road - more the merrier!

Can you post some pics?

ianhurley20 - 24/6/19 at 08:26 PM

Well done - a real achievement!

Abe - 24/6/19 at 11:05 PM

Well done mate

T66 - 25/6/19 at 07:24 AM

Well done.

Mike Wood - 26/6/19 at 07:18 PM

Well done.

Any tips?

Livingston will be my test centre in a year or two.


JekRankin - 28/6/19 at 12:27 PM

Thanks all,

Haha yes I remember that trip to Stoneleigh well Adi. It was actually the first of two times the chassis was returned to BGH. The replacement one had the steering rack mounts welded in the wrong position, so it went straight back. What a nightmare!

Howard, you may remember we met briefly at work a few years ago. You were witnessing some centraliser testing at our premises. I'll try and get some photos up of the car shortly - photo archive on here seems to be broken!

Tips for Livingstone? Appearances count for a lot, so make sure everything is as neat and tidy as you can make it. Go along with a positive attitude and take an interest in the ongoing test. If David is your examiner, he's a very reasonable and decent guy.


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JekRankin - 1/7/19 at 06:53 PM

A few photos as promised

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