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Which way round please?
Chaz - 1/6/20 at 06:54 PM

Hi there, hopefully a straight forward answer! Which way around should this bracket go? Iím thinking about braking forces, rotation stresses etc but unsure in which way mild steel is its strongest.



snapper - 1/6/20 at 08:20 PM

Circular forces, shouldnít matter which way.
If the bracket was built so it only goes one way it would be to weak for the road

nick205 - 2/6/20 at 07:48 AM

1. Do you know how they were fitted on the donor car?

2. Can you search the web (or ask a specialist) for info/confirmation? (Burton Power know most things Ford for example)

loggyboy - 2/6/20 at 08:22 AM

I suspect 90 degress to either of those shown so the calipers can be bled correctly with them mounted.

nick205 - 2/6/20 at 08:44 AM

Originally posted by loggyboy
I suspect 90 degress to either of those shown so the calipers can be bled correctly with them mounted.

I did have the same thought, but the mounting 3 holes are on the corners of a rectangle so I don't think that the brackets would fit. Rear brake calipers are usually either on the leading or trailing side of the disc though aren't they.

JAG - 2/6/20 at 09:29 AM

Yeah, think about bleeding the caliper, and maybe the route of the handbrake cable, more than the forces from braking.

Truth is that Steel has similar properties in compression and tension (unless you have some weird alloy!) and your car will be braking when travelling forward and reverse. Actually high decel' in reverse is the worst case for a rear caliper!

Mr Whippy - 2/6/20 at 10:28 AM

The rest of you suspension would fail before you bent that. The handbrake route is the first thing to get right and remember the cable needs to clear the inside of the wheel and the suspension arms so trial fit it all while you go before fully welding anything. Chances are your just better fitting it the same way as the donor with the caliper at the rear.

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Chaz - 2/6/20 at 07:50 PM

Hi all, thank you all for your input. I spoke to MK Sportcars and they seem to think itís ok to have the calipers mounted on top. Clearly I would prefer it at the back like the donor but I donít have that option with this upright and this mount. I have the old classic Indy uprights and with these brake disc conversion mounts they will only sit on top

Dingz - 2/6/20 at 10:43 PM

You will find the sierra hub fixing holes are not equi-spaced so it may not fit where you want it.

jps - 3/6/20 at 11:31 AM

If this is to fit calipers to a Sierra disc setup on IRS at the rear i've done a lot of faffing with this recently. I have ended up with the caliper at roughly the 10o'clock/11o'clock position, and the calipers 'upside down' - i.e. the right side caliper on the left side - to get the handbrake cable to run out correctly. The handbrake cable comes out pretty much horizontally above the hub carrier - heading towards the back of the seats.

The calipers will need to be undone and rotated to allow them to be bled, even with the bleed valve and the flexi swapped over.

Pics here of what I have ended up with:

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