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Zetec Timing Belt Covers
the_big_1 - 21/5/19 at 05:25 PM

Hi Guys,

Looking for the top, middle and bottom timing belt covers to fit a 2.0 silver top Zetec.


DavidW - 21/5/19 at 08:11 PM

I have middle and top on an engine Iíve taken out of my car.

the_big_1 - 21/5/19 at 08:13 PM

Fab! Have you a pic you can send across?

the_big_1 - 22/5/19 at 04:40 PM

Still looking.


DavidW - 22/5/19 at 08:00 PM

Away working but will send when I get back in a day or so.


the_big_1 - 22/5/19 at 08:03 PM

Hi ya,

That would be perfect.

Many thanks!