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Compressor vs Air Tool
UKKid35 - 15/6/19 at 12:57 PM

I've just found out the hard way that you don't just make sure the air tool CFM is less than the compressor CFM

I wish I'd seen this video before I started shopping

The compressor I bought is the Aldi Workzone, which is basically the same as the Airmaster Tiger 11/250 2.5hp 24 Litre 9.5 CFM 8 Bar Air Compressor from Machine Mart

Fortunately I only paid 70 delivered, as it was a 'New Other - Customer Return'

Sadly it has no chance of adequately powering the Rotake RT-5278, rated at 8 CFM, 6.5 Bar and 880Nm, which I bought because my Clarke CEW1000 rated at 450Nm isn't up to one particular job

However, the thing that confuses me is that although I now understand that the compressor can't run the impact wrench at full power continuously, I don't understand why the impact wrench runs with so little power even when the compressor is fully charged

Can anyone one explain what is going on?

Is there a restriction to deliberately reduce the air flow?

(I am manually oiling the tools rather than fitting filters as this is for occasional use only)

talkingshte - 15/6/19 at 01:25 PM

Are your hose diameters correct? Could be you just aren't getting the volume required by the tool.

theconrodkid - 15/6/19 at 01:29 PM

as above, small dia and extra long hoses looses powah for you, if it,s the same as my Lidl compressor, change the unions as well, that and a decent hose made my a lot better

UKKid35 - 15/6/19 at 01:45 PM

Thanks both

I am using Sealey Rubber Air Line Hose 5m x 8mm Diameter 1/4" BSP Unions with PCL fittings

However I am going to change to Euro fittings as these seem to get better reviews

Can anyone recommend better hose or fittings?

talkingshte - 15/6/19 at 02:37 PM

check your tools bumph, it should tell you what it wants. I ended up getting 1/2" hose for my big windy gun.
Shiremoor compressors are decent, give you lots of advice and ok prices.

cliftyhanger - 15/6/19 at 05:19 PM

If the compressor is fitted with a regulator, remove it and have the airtool running straight off the tank. I have to do that with my rattle gun.

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perksy - 16/6/19 at 08:36 AM

Originally posted by cliftyhanger
If the compressor is fitted with a regulator, remove it and have the airtool running straight off the tank. I have to do that with my rattle gun.

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This is what I had to do with my Aldi 25ltr compressor when using a rattle gun aswell

harmchar - 16/6/19 at 09:01 AM

If possible, strip back the fittings closest to the air tank and install 1/2" tee. One branch straight to 1/2" hose for the windy gun and the other branch can be reduced to a regulator at 3/8" or 1/4" for normal airline use.
Another option is a second 50 litre standalone receiver to supply the windy gun. Won't run continuously but might be enough to get a hub nut off, then wait till it tops up again.
Would be great if we all had space and budget to kit out our garages with the biggest and best kit.
Good luck, let us know how you resolve the issue so others can benefit.

UKKid35 - 20/6/19 at 06:16 AM

Thanks everyone much appreciated

First thing I've done is RTFM - the impact wrench specifies 3/8" hose, so I've bought 5m of that to start with

I will certainly investigate a regulator bypass arrangement, that sounds like a great idea

The reason it has taken me ten years or more before actually buying a compressor is due to lack of space, so unfortunately a supplementary tank is really not an option