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My Build/Rebuild
Eddie1978 - 28/10/18 at 08:50 PM

First of all just like to say I am new here and new to world of kitcars.

so the best way to start is to buy a car that doesnt work and is the only one existence. why make life easy.

The car in question is called a ALBA 70, I think the original builder was called Albert

The car is correctly registered on the logbook as a ALBA 70 date of reg 1998, and had been MOTd until it was parked up in 2012,

Engine is 1.6 xflow bored to 1760, with a lumpy cam big valves and 40 side draughts.

mk2 escort axle with lsd, type 9 box etc....

The car needs going through end to end due to standing and some things need addressing and tidying up, for example the wiring loom is from a fiesta mk2 which is fine except they used the entire loom so there is an excess amount etc......

The chassis looks quite well made and even came with the blueprints,

The biggest thing that needs changing is the rear end not quite sure what the design thought process was but a seven style car should look like a seven style car.

He built a rear end using metro lights and I think the back panel, its really quite bad, the rear body work will be going the journey and a more suitable one made,

slingshot2000 - 28/10/18 at 09:28 PM

Hello, and welcome to the most informative club on the web . . . . . . .

craigdiver - 29/10/18 at 06:27 AM

Welcome, get some more photos up of the car, interested to see that rear end!

Eddie1978 - 29/10/18 at 06:58 AM

Originally posted by craigdiver
Welcome, get some more photos up of the car, interested to see that rear end!

I will get get some more pictures the attached picture is when the car was first built, unfortunately it has sat under wraps for the last 6 years and lad i bought it from had started rubbing down the paint, carbon wrapping stuff, so she looks very sorry for herself,

The rear end? am not sure If I am brave enough to take a picture I will try to sneak up on it.

The car was first Registered in 1998 but the chassis drawings are dated 2001?

Eddie1978 - 1/11/18 at 01:03 PM

I will get somemore pictures at the weekend, once the garage has been a bit more organised (I have a soft spot for stationary engines and unfortunately they take up alot of room)

A lot of the work the car needs is time spent a day assessing what I have etc..... The wiring harness is a mess they used the entire harness from a mk2 fiesta and even to the point the rear wash wipe and heated window switch are still plugged into the harness hanging behind the dash