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MX5 forced induction
FFMan - 1/8/20 at 09:59 PM

are there people on here who have converted or own a forced induction MX5 based car ?

Just wondering as future plans are to go this route if there are any recommendation to either do or avoid ?

First question is the usual supercharger or turbo - both have merits, but i'm leaning towards turbo as this is a track car (easy to keep revs up and on boost) and turbo seems to offer easier boost control but I'm open to experienced views at this stage.


big_wasa - 2/8/20 at 05:38 AM

Not mx5 specifically as mines a Zetec but the main issue seems to be heat management in such a confined space.

FFMan - 2/8/20 at 10:39 AM

Originally posted by big_wasa
Not mx5 specifically as mines a Zetec but the main issue seems to be heat management in such a confined space.

yeah i can see that - maybe time for the ali bonnet ?

pewe - 3/8/20 at 11:55 AM

I run an FI Eunos (aka MX5) which has a 1.6 engine with an M45 blower, Link stand alone ECU, intercooled, bigger injectors (405cc IIRC).
Not driven a turbo but generally I'd suggest going that route as there are lots of bits available, more knowledge about fitting, running and tuning.
See forums such as MX5 Supercharged on Faceache plus corresponding Turbo forum. from US has lots of discussion plus YouTube.
Although I rate supercharging for its instant pickup (a bit like cracking the throttle open on a big bike) it does have its limitations e.g. they're juicey - mine does 22mpg regardless unless its a trackday in which case who's counting?. Also the noise is addictive - nothing like a whining supercharger!
You can buy bigger chargers such as M62 from Mercs but they aren't serviceable so second-hand ones are a bit of a gamble, plus fewer out there on 5's so knowledge base a bit limited.
Just as an aside - try to avoid short nose crank early 1.6 engines as they munch their pulley key-ways. From memory they have a 6 slot crank pulley compared to 8 slot laters. See MX5 Mk1 Owners on Faceache.

Gord - 4/8/20 at 06:39 PM

I have a Haynes Roadster, I fitted a TD04L turbo to my 1.6 engine and its kicking out a nice easy safe 250bhp, it has forged rods and i have had it running at 270bhp and a lot more torque but it was on the limit of the TD04L and caused a few problems.

I found the Facebook group "UK MX5 turbo owners group for sensible people" is a brilliant source of information, the only problem is it all relates to fitting a turbo onto an MX5 rather than a kit car. The best thing is to read, read and read more again before you tackle it, a turbo conversion isn't as easy or as cheap as a supercharger but it will give you a lot more power. There's a lot of hidden cost with fitting a turbo, i would budget around 2,500-4,000 depending on spec.
If you have any questions just message me.