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Author: Subject: Using HDD Recorder as a Server - Idiots Guide Needed
John P

posted on 10/6/19 at 01:45 PM Reply With Quote
Using HDD Recorder as a Server - Idiots Guide Needed


We have two smart TV's in the house, one of which is also connected via an HDMI cable to a Panasonic DMR-HWT130 HDD recorder. The recorder is simply plugged into a terrestrial aerial and works fine recording and playing back to the connected TV via the HDMI cable.

In looking through the manual for the Panasonic recorder I noticed that it can be connected to a network, apparently by connecting an Ethernet cable direct from the recorder to the router.

The manual has a section entitled "Smart Home Networking (DLNA)" but this says virtually nothing other than:

"Smart Home Networking (DLNA) allows you to watch the contents and broadcasts on Server equipment connected on the same network from Client equipment. This unit can be used both as Server and Client. Additionally, if used as Client, this unit can also be used as Media Renderer, which can be controlled by a Smartphone, etc."

I'm hoping it may be possible to view recordings made on the HDD recorder not just on the connected TV but also on the second Smart TV which is in another room. This second TV can see the internet via it's wireless connection so presumably is communicating with the router.

Firstly does anyone know if what I'm trying to achieve is possible and secondly if there's an idiots guide anywhere which would talk me through the set up step by step.

You'll probably have already gathered I'm not very experienced with home networks!

Many thanks,

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posted on 11/6/19 at 08:30 PM Reply With Quote
Some years ago I networked my PC to a Samsung Bluray and used DLNA to listen to music from the PC library downstairs through the hi fi. I could also view photos on my TV that way. I did find some info on Google that helped with the set up. So it will probably work, but I found it so clunky to use that I gave up . I went via Sonos to Spotify though smartphone with a bluray audio input to the amp.
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posted on 11/6/19 at 08:58 PM Reply With Quote
I have DLNA active at home, one PC that serves various devices around the house. I'd never heard of a standalone device playing the part of a DLNA server and it piqued my interest, so I downloaded the manual. It does indeed say that it can be set up as a DLNA server....

...But I've never seen such a convoluted manual in all my life!! Have you ever done one of those Haynes manual procedures where it's half a dozen steps, but each step is 'follow section 21.4 steps 1-972', and instead of a five minute job you're now eight hours in and your car is just a pile of bits? Well, unfortunately your player is like that!!!

I was hoping that I could just give you half a dozen steps that relate to how I got DLNA set up at home, but the only thing I can suggest is grab the manual and see if you can work through it yourself.

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