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Author: Subject: 2.0 Zetec turbo 1st start

posted on 28/6/20 at 03:40 PM Reply With Quote
2.0 Zetec turbo 1st start

Quite a decent day down the workshop, after a false start last week when the fuel rail decided to leak once the pump was turned on, ( 2 poxy £1.00 O rings) today O rings fitted the big moment came, fuel pump switch on, coil switch on, ECU switch on, turn the key, well bugger me the sod only started within a few seconds then sat there gently ticking over, a stab on the throttle and it cut out, TPS not recognised me thinks. Off to get the laptop and yup 0-0 , so do the slowly depress the throttle bit and save settings. Second fire up we have revs, teas all round ( I don't drink) . A good look round the engine bay etc no leaks, good stuff.
Then things go down hill a bit, I noticed the fuel pump screaming when you hit the throttle, it's being fed via 2no 10mm feeds then through a filter then to the pump, hopefully the filter is the strangle ( I'll have to read up on that one )
The next problem could be bigger to cure, I gave it some beans ( well you do don't you ) I'm only getting 5lb of boost at 5k revs, I was hoping for boost to kick in around 3.5k
As I said good and bad but at least it starts and runs


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posted on 28/6/20 at 07:14 PM Reply With Quote
Have a look at some of Bailey performance posts. He recommends no pre filter unless itís a coarse screen type.

I had a clear pre pump filter on my test stand, you could see the fuel cavitating as the pump screamed.

Edit where is the vid ? I am always looking for ideas on cramming it all in

Current effort is trying to get a nose over the intercooler.

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Duncan Grier

posted on 29/6/20 at 05:19 PM Reply With Quote
Great work and looks a tidy conversion
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