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Author: Subject: Rwd Duratec 30 project for sale.

posted on 26/7/20 at 05:51 PM Reply With Quote
Rwd Duratec 30 project for sale.

Big clear out coming so to start it of. Any interest in my Rwd Duratec 30 project.

Reason for sale, I have spent to much on my Zetec to change now and I want the space.

Engine, 104k 3.0 v6 long motor as taken by me from a rusty 2004 St220. Completely as it came out. It will need a refresh and clean with things like Sump and rocker gaskets and a rear crank oil seal.

5spd Rx8 gearbox and the end of the prop that fits in the box. Complete with gearshift, fork and slave. Again direct and dirty from the donor.

Johnathan Hughes 2nd gen adapter plate.
Mk1 v6 solid flywheel and used clutch ( for moch up )
Hybrid starter motor so no machining of the flywheel is necessary.

New Ttv St220 billet flywheel. Inc a new Luk csc. ( fwd )

A pair of very long primary stainless exhaust manifolds. Made by Ginetta for I beleve a G50.
Duratec30 / Jag Aj30 stainless Flanges are just tacked on as they are likely to need some fetling depending on the project they are going in. As is the Os side is very close to the starter and will need the adapter notching to clear. Or I was thinking of extending the down tubes for an over the chassis kitcar setup.

Standard ford St220 engine management system. With a custom one piece loom. I would describe this as experimental as I havenít published the pinouts. Itís a one off and Iíve only run it for a few seconds. But itís the same principle as the others Iíve done and the one Iíve installed in my Locost. Should be ideal for an Iva.

Box of st related parts. Jag rwd engine mounts / oil filter housing. Car battery.

Collection from near a Spalding Lincs.

Price is going to depend on the shiny bits like manifolds and Ttv that I would sell separate.

I would also do a deal on a crate 2.0 Zetec engine.

Price complete £1300
Price with out Ttv and exhaust manifolds. £900
I might brake it down further depending on interest. But I wonít sell the single mass ford flywheel on its own.

Ttv £260
Manifolds £400

Thanks for looking, any questions please ask.

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posted on 26/7/20 at 06:02 PM Reply With Quote
The Zetec

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posted on 27/7/20 at 12:26 PM Reply With Quote
Any idea on the weight of the TTV?

So the hybrid starter will work with the TTV and adapter plate?

Sorry to see your selling tbh

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posted on 27/7/20 at 04:56 PM Reply With Quote
Itís listed as 4.3kg but I haven't checked myself.

Yes is the same dia and teeth as the earlier Duratec 25 flywheel. I donít know about clutch combos.

Itís not sold yet. But something has to go as I am out of space. If I can get the Indy into storage I might finish building and dressing it over winter. We shall see.

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posted on 28/7/20 at 10:43 AM Reply With Quote
After looking at that link comparing the two types of flywheel I've got a nasty feeling that TTV flywheel wont work with a RX8 box and Mondeo clutch kit.
If you look how much deeper the flywheel is compared to the virtually flat V6 steel flywheel I think the clutch would be too near the gearbox?

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posted on 28/7/20 at 09:20 PM Reply With Quote
That flywheel looks like the ttv 1188, the same as i have. It's a direct replacement for the standard st220 dual mass in dimensions/thickness/ring gear etc (but a hell of a lot lighter!).
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posted on 31/7/20 at 05:16 PM Reply With Quote
The flywheel is a touch deeper but the cover plate a touch shallower.
It doesnít get much more compact than a fwd bellhousing but I havenít had a clutch in the box to look.

Hi Ian it is the same as yours, thanks

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