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Author: Subject: Finding LCB pictures / Pinterest

posted on 17/11/17 at 11:43 AM Reply With Quote
Finding LCB pictures / Pinterest

This may be in the wrong section - happy for mods to shift it if needs be...

I use LCB a lot for pictures (as they paint a thousand words!) and so do others (going by some of the 'show me your...' threads)..

However I've found the massive photo archive on LCB isn't readily searchable (please tell me if i've missed something) - basically because the actual images people upload aren't necessarily tagged with any text. At best you can search for images on the site via a Google search, but it is still searching the thread text rather than the images themselves I think (and sometimes images on a thread about one thing give good images for something else)

So I started some Pinterest boards - to try and collect similar photos (or photos on a common theme) into one place so that I can easily refer to them.

Thought i'd share them here:
One on Aluminium Panelling
One on GRP panelling
One on Scuttle and engine bay
One on Brakes - and brake lines

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