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Material for chassis
TurboLocost - 16/10/18 at 06:46 AM

Hello everyone, I did try and introduce myself but it wouldn't post it

I'm looking to build a locost/Haynes roadster

I'm a mechanic/Engineer by trade so have got tools and equipment to do it, I will be using box section steel for chassis

How much steel do people on here buy to build their chassis?

I have a Saab B204 still in a car, and am planning on using that engine and remapping to stage 3 (I have the software required) so would be pushing around 270bhp
I haven't decided whether to use a omega box, or to rear mount the engine and gearbox I have yet

If I rear mount I would utilise the Saab suspension and wishbones at least for mock up

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voucht - 16/10/18 at 07:17 AM

Hi there,

If you want to build a Haynes Roadster, you will find the answer to your question here ("How much steel do I need for the chassis?"" target="_blank">[url=]

Hope that will help

hughpinder - 16/10/18 at 07:31 AM

If you are thinking of going mid engined, I suggest you get the Midlana book - not cheap, but big_wasa (i think) on here has one for sale at the moment. It has a list of what to get somewhere in the book.
Have fun

TurboLocost - 16/10/18 at 08:10 AM

Ideal, that give me a rough idea of how much steel is required

I will likely build a 442 chassis as I'm 6 foot 1 and stocky

I considered using omega gearbox route with my Saab lump as it's close to the plans, but as I have a complete running Saab 93 a rear engined car is tempting as less parts to buy (no need to source rear diff, shafts, hubs, propshaft, gearbox etc)

I can simply use my engine and box as is, use the front Saab hubs on the rear etc, so then all I would need on the front is to make/source suspension and steering setup

Engine is a B204E (154bhp low pressure turbo) but apart from a bigger downpipe, it will run 270bhp stage 3, and as it would be a custom fit, it will have a custom exhaust from turbo anyway

I will aim to Q plate the car, will it need the CAT? As emissions are tested as visual only on a Q plate aren't they?

40inches - 16/10/18 at 10:04 AM

Originally posted by TurboLocost
I will aim to Q plate the car, will it need the CAT? As emissions are tested as visual only on a Q plate aren't they?

MOT will be smoke only, but at IVA it will tested at the emissions for engine year

TurboLocost - 16/10/18 at 10:53 AM

So will leave cat on for IVA and stock map and just make an exhaust from what is on car, and then stage 3 remap afterwards with custom exhaust in 3inch

Nickp - 16/10/18 at 04:10 PM

Originally posted by TurboLocost

I will likely build a 442 chassis as I'm 6 foot 1 and stocky

I'm over 6ft and getting on for 16st and find a std Haynes plenty roomy enough tbh
If you go for a 442 then none of the std bodywork that's available will fit.

TurboLocost - 16/10/18 at 04:16 PM

Ok I will see if anyone in Cornwall has one I could look at!

I'm more thinking of that chassis style but go for sheet panels on it etc rather than buying body panels

I aim to build it for as low a cost as possible without cutting any corners.....

I did see if there were any plans for an Ariel nomad style vehicle with roof etc

907 - 17/10/18 at 06:06 AM

Before I started building I met a bloke who had completed his already. I asked him how many lengths of 25mm box he had bought.
8 x 6M lengths he said, so I bought the same.

A few months later I bumped into him again and said Oi, I bought those 8 lengths for my chassis and had 2 left over.

He replied, So did I.

TurboLocost - 17/10/18 at 10:42 AM

But you can never have too much spare steel!

Always useful for more projects 😋

Does anyone know of a Ariel nomad style chassis plan? Or an Ariel atom style chassis plan?

Nomad is basically an atom chassis with a roll cage!

Midlana chassis looks nice and finished car looks like a cross between a 7 (front) and a 30's hotrod (rear)

40inches - 17/10/18 at 11:01 AM

Mid engined Locost here