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Author: Subject: Zetec thermostat housing question.
scotty g

posted on 8/4/17 at 06:00 PM Reply With Quote
Zetec thermostat housing question.

I have decided to not bother plumbing in a heater on the Dutton, if i get cold i'll put on a coat so i'm figuring i have 2 options for the thermostat housing.

1, jubilee clip a rubber end cap over the feed and return points on the housing.
2, Use a short length of tube to create a "loop" from the feed straight round to the return.
What are your thoughts guys?

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posted on 8/4/17 at 06:56 PM Reply With Quote
There is only a feed and no return in the stat' housing. Return is in the spider hose on the water pump. The feed is the one that points inlet side. And yes you can just cap it of.

I am guessing you are looking at the bypass hose for the warm up circuit ? This is the 19mm spur below the 32mm top rad outlet. It also goes to the spider at the water pump.

In a 7 you wouldn't have a spider hose. You would typically have a 32mm pipe with two spurs. One for the header tank and one for the bypass.

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posted on 8/4/17 at 07:01 PM Reply With Quote

If you ignore the sizes (well, some of them), then the above diagram should be the correct one if you don't have a heater...

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scotty g

posted on 9/4/17 at 06:42 PM Reply With Quote
Ah loving that diagram, best one i've seen yet. Ta muchly that's a big help.
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