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Author: Subject: Westfield Forum Post

posted on 31/5/18 at 08:14 AM Reply With Quote
Westfield Forum Post

Would it be possible for a Westfield forum member to post a reply for me please (i'm not a member). There's a thread in the 'Tech Talk' , 'Zetec Missing' which i can help on. If someone could copy/paste this i would be most great full ;-

Hi, i save a copy of the chipfile from every Mbe ecu i test or repair, and from that it is quite easy to see what the tps voltage should be at Idle (looking at the throttle index, set min/max and default settings) for your setup. Yours should be set to 0v70, so if you have 0v09... it is miles out and won't be running right at all!.

If you don't have easimap connected or my little box, then a multi meter is the next best choice. Connect into the tps with both leads for the gnd and wiper voltage (do NOT connect the meter gnd to the engine/chassis as there will be a voltage drop and it will skew the readings). Adjust the tps to get 0v70, tighten. Operate the throttle a few times and check the tps voltage returns back every time, if you see various voltages each time the throttle is closed, the throttle pot is worn out. Open the throttle slowly and the voltage should rise smoothly without jumping around, again if it's jumping around then the pot is worn out.

Regards, Ian (Oddified)

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posted on 31/5/18 at 10:16 AM Reply With Quote
Thank you for that Ian, someone has posted it on your behalf.
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