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Author: Subject: Spectating at Cadwell - with the kids?

posted on 20/1/20 at 12:54 PM Reply With Quote
Spectating at Cadwell - with the kids?

(Weather permitting) - i'm planning on taking/dragging the family up to Cadwell Park at the beginning of May, to watch the 750MC meet.

Previously i've only been to Oulton Park where you can drive into the infield and then move about quite a lot, so can watch the racing from quite a few places, as well as have a picnic, etc no problem. As i'll have a 3 and 6 year old with me I'm hoping we can split the day up between
a) wandering into the paddock to see the cars closeup,
b) picking a few decent spots round the circuit to watch the cars go by
c) having a picnic/icecreams etc

But given the wooded nature of the site, and the short attention spans of the kids - go and poke about in the woods for a bit/climb some trees /etc.

Has anyone been that can tell me if this is possible?

And (i'm looking at the 3rd May) is there anyone on here competing. It looks like it's the Mazda-engined Locosts, not the Crossflow cars...

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posted on 20/1/20 at 01:17 PM Reply With Quote
It's 18 months since ive been.

You can move around all day. You can pull up next to over half the track.

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posted on 20/1/20 at 06:46 PM Reply With Quote
Not been as a spectator but there is good viewing from the stand overlooking the mountain ( near paddock ) and on the other side there is a wood that I think has some sort of playground. ( My playground is on the tarmac! ) Brilliant circuit.Enjoy.
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Mr Whippy

posted on 21/1/20 at 07:05 AM Reply With Quote
Good luck with that I know my kids would only be interested in the picnic. Safety would be my primary concern, plenty of hot sharp things for them to touch in the pits. Taken my kids to lots of car shows with me, they are a nightmare...
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posted on 21/1/20 at 10:18 AM Reply With Quote
I havent been to Cadwell. But the 3 or 4 750mc meets ive been to as a spectator and 2 as a driver have been very open to everyone. If its not a restricted safety areas, pretty much all parts of the track are open for all to wander, and there are no pit/paddock passes needed.
I should be there in the Clio, racing in the KTec series so come say hi!

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Mistral Motorsport

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