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brakes for Indy
donut - 10/9/02 at 03:40 PM

When i order my MK Indy i would like a rolling chassis but i'm not sure what to ask for regarding the hubs/brakes etc.

What do i need off the donor and what should i ask for on the kit?

Do they have rear disc brakes?



bob - 10/9/02 at 04:07 PM

i think you best speak with MK about this,most people order the chassis to build up to rolling stage themselves.
The brakes will come from the sierra,as for rear discs its up to you. Although you must make a descision on rear discs or drums early as the hub carriers are different,so MK will need to know before they proscess your package.

Just something to think about before you make the trip up there

donut - 10/9/02 at 04:12 PM

Ok.... I will be using a 20L pinto (most likley) so i can't see any reason not to use the rear drums as they are good enough to stop a Sierra (just!!). Also the 5.7 litre Cobra on 'A Car is Born' has rear drums! This would also cut costs in the long run i should imagine.

Would using rear drums make it easier to fit the handbrake?

bob - 10/9/02 at 05:19 PM

As long as you've got the sierra handbrake cable and the sierra handbrake lever.
Cable will have to be shortened a bit,but this would have to be done no matter which brakes you use.(drums or discs)

donut - 10/9/02 at 06:01 PM

I expect i will use discs on the front and drums on the rear. If it's good enough for the sierra then i guess it's good enough for the Indy. I will put on proper cross drilles sport type discs on the front just for that bit extra.


Metal Hippy™ - 10/9/02 at 06:27 PM

Save your money and spend it on something more useful.

Locosts are very well - over braked with standard kit.

Remember they are far lighter than the Sierra the brakes were designed to stop.

Worth thinking about.

donut - 10/9/02 at 06:47 PM

Well that's what i think too!

Do locosts use the servo or just the master cylinder?


Metal Hippy™ - 10/9/02 at 11:17 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong Sierra donor people, but I seem to remember most don't bother with the servo.

donut - 10/9/02 at 11:37 PM

In all the 7's i have seen none have ever had servo's.....Yay, one thing less to clean!!!!!!