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Mk indy dash
Moorron - 24/7/19 at 07:57 PM

Evening guys. Needing some help with the dash panel for an MK indy.

Along time ago I made my own dash from carbon fibre premade sheet bought from a company I no longer remember, It is about 1.5mm thick and has a great glossy glass like finish to it. Now I want to restyle my dash and need a new panel, after searching the net carbon fibre sheet is now at even higher prices from what I can remember.

But I see Kit cars direct and MK sell their own panels. But they offer two types and I cant tell which is right for me if i go for the shaped ones they offer.
Prepreg and wet lay, one more expensive than the other what is the difference? im not after strength, but I want the most visual non blemish one they do OR just find the same sheet I had years ago to make my own again.

Any tips?

Any detailed close up pics of them would help.

big_wasa - 24/7/19 at 08:33 PM

You will want pre preg.

The wet lay has faults and defects in the weave and inclusions in the resin. This was in there own blurb but hey, I can always paint them when I do the car.

What dash did you have ?

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rm0rgan - 10/8/19 at 08:31 PM

This is an MK dash via Kit Car Direct...



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