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Zetec Coolant Issues
Mr.P - 10/6/19 at 08:08 PM

Good evening

I have a Tiger avon running a 2.0 blacktop zetec with webber 45s, which makes some good power.

This is purely a track car, maybe just me but after a couple of hard laps my coolant temps are anywhere from 90-107, I run a raceline jacket too and large tiger ally rad.

What are peoples cars running?? Anything to be worried about or do zetecs like to run hot

britishtrident - 10/6/19 at 09:43 PM

Raceline water rail causes a lot of of over heating issues.
This subject has been covered many times baiscally it makes the operation of the thermostat so sluggish the temperatures will not be controlled.
The thermostat needs to be exposed to the bypass flow of coolant, that would normally continuously flow through the heater plumbing.
The Raceline water rail places the thermostat too far away from the coolant flow when the thermostat is closed.

rm0rgan - 11/6/19 at 07:29 AM

That's not too hot. Zetecs run hot and I'd say that was well within limits...

Mr.P - 11/6/19 at 09:19 AM

Thanks for your replys guys

My thoughts are the Raceline jacket is very slim and to me restricts the flow.

I was thinking of putting a stock housing back on and routing with new pipe work back to top of rad which would be easy to do. Every track day I have done have been on warmish days under 24 degrees so bit worried about on the hotter days