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Anybody got a normal screen and mounts in black?
justy75 - 15/6/13 at 01:23 PM

Hi all,

Does anyone in the south west have a black screen and mounts that they would like to get rid off for a bit of beer money??

I already have a normal metal finish screen spare, and already have an aero screen fitted to my Supercat. I am contemplating bucking the trend and taking off the areo screen and fitting the normal screen back on. However now its caged, and the whole car is black with black, a metal coloured screen would stand out too much.


ashg - 15/6/13 at 03:00 PM

take the glass out rub the frame down and paint it.

justy75 - 9/7/13 at 10:47 PM

Yes the obvious answer was not quite the answer I had hoped for!

However needs must and I have started on the idea of painting the screen, but as the original glass was already broken, this has made it very difficult to get the remaining glass out. Whats left is the glass that is seated just inside the frame and bonded to the clear like glue/silicone. I dont want to bend or ruin the frame so was wondering whether anybody has any tips for getting this glass out?