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Door , side panel trim-tiger avon
S_D_C_2000 - 27/3/16 at 06:06 PM

Looking to fit some trim to my tiger avon on the top of the side panel adjacent to the seat. I have used some pipe lagging in the past to stop banging my elbow during auto solos, but am now looking to do something a little neater/permanent.

I have seen a few nice photos on the web, but am struggling to understand how people have achieved them, nevermind what they are called!

Any pointers would be greatly received.

Many thanks,


andrew.carwithen - 27/3/16 at 09:59 PM

I used thin aluminium sheet that was very easy to bend around a broom handle into a 'J' section so that it matched the profile of the cockpit side.
Then I covered it in a layer of thin close cell foam (from memory I used some underlay left over from laying a laminate floor) before finally covering in black vinyl.
I then clipped it over the the cockpit side with the longer side of the J section being securely trapped behind the main side interior trim panel when that was fixed into place.
Think there may be a pic in my photo archive of them in place.


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