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St170 wanted
CRAIGR - 12/10/19 at 04:44 PM

St 170 engine wanted , may consider 2.0 blacktop also and ecu to run either

rayward - 13/10/19 at 05:55 AM

ive got some ST170 ECU stuff if your interested ? i will have to check what there is but i think theres a full setup

Mash - 13/10/19 at 09:21 AM

I have an st170 engine/box that I bought for a project.

It had about 60k on it allegedly when I bought it, but it's been sitting in my shed for 2 years.

Want to pm me an offer?

CRAIGR - 13/10/19 at 02:58 PM

U2u ,s sent guys