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Gravel driveway - options
mcerd1 - 8/5/19 at 02:41 PM

I'm in the middle of sorting out the garden and driveway now that the builders have finished

The drive is not one that we'll use often, but I don't want to get rid of it either - problem is that the other half wants her fancy gravel and its on a bit of slope down to the road too

I'm thinking about using that plastic grid stuff to hold it in place and make it a bit easier to take the bins out etc.
but the prices I'm finding are all 200+ just for the grids (~15m ish) - so this drive could end up well over 500 (all money that could be finishing off my car !)

anyone got any other suggestions or know a cheaper source for this stuff ?

nick205 - 8/5/19 at 03:47 PM

Gravel on a slope really is a PITA and I'd go for the grid stuff as well. Some folk have gravel round our way on sloped drives and they're often to be seen raking it back up the slope. Some have had the foresight to build a small hump at the foot of the slope to try and prevent the gravel escaping onto pavements or roads. Not looked at the grids myself though so I'm afriad I can't advise on cheaper sources for it.

Doctor Derek Doctors - 8/5/19 at 03:51 PM

Don't do it! We had a sloped gravel drive when we moved into our house and it was a frigging nightmare.
Put your foot down on this one or make it clear that if she wants gravel driveway she can do the maintainance on it!

If not I hope you like picking up cat sh1t and doing a King Kanut impression trying to defeat the tied of gravel with a rake.

To be really clear.. Don't do it!

Bluemoon - 8/5/19 at 04:02 PM

Reluctantly went for gravel on ours as cheap and looks nice... but we don not have a gradient to deal with.. gravel is not compatible with car matinance but needs must.. might be worth looking at other finishes once the costs of the grid is included?

Benzine - 8/5/19 at 04:59 PM

Originally posted by Bluemoon
gravel is not compatible with car matinance

It is good though if you drop a load of black oil on it though, a quick rake and you're sorted

rusty nuts - 8/5/19 at 05:50 PM

Cars parked on gravel drives tend to rust quicker than cars parked on hard surfaces due to the ground beneath the gravel not drying as quick and causing condensation on the cars

steve m - 8/5/19 at 08:51 PM

The road I park in when at work has several houses with gravel driveways, and to me, they look cheap and tacky, and the bloody stones are ALL OVER THE ROAD, and I do mean all over, gravel drives should be banned, the only purpose they have is to annoy the neighbours, also imagine living next to someone who has one and is a shift worker,


All bloody day and night


907 - 8/5/19 at 10:49 PM

I believe they reduce your house insurance.

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trextr7monkey - 9/5/19 at 12:49 AM

How about tarmac the slope and gravel the yard?

Mash - 9/5/19 at 03:16 PM

As all the above, DON'T DO IT

Just one accidental heavy right foot, and you'll be getting cracked windows too.