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Author: Subject: Dry sumped range rover engine

posted on 23/1/20 at 12:20 PM Reply With Quote
Dry sumped range rover engine

Is there any demand for Rover V8 engines these days?

I have a bored and stroked 5l dry sumped Range Rover V8 engine with individual throttle bodies, recast racing heads, high lift cam, roller rockers, lightweight flywheel with twin plate clutch, lightened balanced crank and a recast front casting. Oh yes forged pistons and stronger con rods, lightened push rods and solid lifters too. In fact the only Rover bit is the block and that has been remachined. Engine has done 15 hours mostly on the rolling road

I'm too old to race competitively these days so its time to move on but somehow I don't think I would get my money back I spent over 15K back in the day any ideas of the value?


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posted on 24/1/20 at 10:18 AM Reply With Quote
Maybe here isn't the best place to offer it up for sale?

I can't recommend anywhere, but the engine could be better suited to a different type of project car.

Not sure you'll see the money back that's been spent, but it seems a good engine looking for a purpose.

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posted on 24/1/20 at 11:34 AM Reply With Quote
I seem to recall the V8 is a popular engine swap choice with some of the old MGB GT enthusiasts, or is it too new? Just another thought for a target market....

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posted on 24/1/20 at 06:28 PM Reply With Quote
I thought nice one for a TVR when I first read the advert ?

Or off road Landrover boys ?

Sounds one hell of an engine but sadly I doubt you'll get anywhere near what it cost

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posted on 25/1/20 at 01:15 PM Reply With Quote
There are a few sevens with the RV8 in them. Ive just had mine refreshed, rolling road session last week to set up the ecu. What sort of numbers is yours putting out? I was hoping for more than the 312lbft mine produces although its being restricted by the plenum. As for your question of value, you wont get near the 15k, maybe half that if your lucky.
Would be interested in seeing a few pics though.
Good luck

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posted on 29/1/20 at 09:08 AM Reply With Quote
Definitely a demand for that.
I think the MGB RV8 race series are restricted on CC.
Why dont you try the rover V8 forum?

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