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Author: Subject: Midlana build...

posted on 30/11/19 at 10:12 AM Reply With Quote
Another hijack post from me.....

Still working in this. I confess, most of my updates are on the Midlana site and a couple of others I frequent more....frequently.

Bodywork is almost done now, soon be time to strip it down and paint it all before the final assembly.

Recently been working on completing the cooling system to the point I can run the engine up properly. Getting increasingly paranoid about it siting idle for so long and although I've been turning it over by hand from time to time, that's no substitute for a proper run up to temperature now and then (although of course there are problems with constantly idling an engine too....).

Anyhoo, been having some fun with leaky silicone hose joints but getting there. Engine now sounds much better after getting the oil warmed up and circulating properly.

Currently sorting out a P0135 error it threw but pretty sure that's down to a new but dodgy cheap lambda probe I fitted. A genuine(!) Bosch one is on the way so fingers crossed it's A) genuine and B) fixes the problem. I did substitute an old and iffy probe I took off the Jeep ages ago, and that didn't display the fault, nor did substituting a 21W bulb in place of the heater circuit, so I think that's fairly conclusive.

Since last posting, I've discovered the joys of 3D printing and have to say, it's been incredibly useful to be able to design and print plastic doo-dads to solve all sorts of problem on the car build. I've made loads of marking gauges of various sorts, a curved piece that runs along the bottom of the dash to give an IVA friendly radius to it as well as providing a mounting for the under-dash panel, IVA covers for the suspension pickup points, custom cable clips, replacements of missing covers on various OEM bits I've used, a casing to accept the Alfa light switch and instrument dimmer that had to fit into a really awkward corner, internal structure for the rear light pods that carry the light units, hold the vac formed ABS shell and provide solid fixings to attach the whole thing to the wheel arch, an adapter to fit the petrol filler to the curved bodywork, etc, etc. There are limitations to what you can use the parts for of course, as the plastic I'm using isn't great with too much heat. I could in theory print nylon or ABS but not got the required kit for that yet (have to enclose the entire printer and keep the whole thing hot while printing)

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posted on 30/11/19 at 04:55 PM Reply With Quote
Well done that is a very nice looking engine.

I always imagined my Midlana exoskeleton style.

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posted on 30/11/19 at 09:10 PM Reply With Quote
A few folk have tried to encourage me to go that way with it. Doesn't appeal to me though (just not my thing), and I quite like the way it looks with panels.
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posted on 30/11/19 at 10:17 PM Reply With Quote
Having driven a 7 (no screen or roof) in very wet conditions I cannot imaginge driving an exo thing in similar conditions, I like panels like you!

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