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Author: Subject: IVA Application Axle Weights

posted on 27/5/19 at 08:30 AM Reply With Quote
IVA Application Axle Weights

Now then guys,

I'm just going through filling out the IVA form application 1C for my Locost, 4w (I) is asking "What are the Original design laden weights of the vehichle?

I'm getting a little confused as to what I should be putting here. I have read that some people declare axle weights on the plate that is fitted to the car, and that some people don't, Just the make and vin number. Please advise what I should be doing here and does this information directly correspond to info I shall put on my vehichle identification plate, if that makes sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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posted on 27/5/19 at 02:37 PM Reply With Quote
The axle weights are not the measured weight of what each pair of tyres put to the ground but what the car is built to take
For instance car weight plus 75Kg per seat and 25Kg per occupant luggage plus fuel and other liquids.
So for my old monocoque Robin Hood I put 450kg rear and 450Kg front which measured for SVA was a plenty for the front but a bit tight for the rear.

The weight measuring process is done on the brake rollers 1 axle at a time which means a sort of canter-leaver effect as one axle is on the ground and the measured axle is lower that the static one.

The important thing is realise its not the 50% weight of your car per axle.

Many have passed IVA and unless your car is a one-off you should ask what others have put.

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posted on 28/5/19 at 02:56 PM Reply With Quote
Hi I got my weights from Tiger Racing 950kg gross, axle 1 (front 450kg) axle 2 (rear 500kg)
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