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Author: Subject: Duratec oil cooler.

posted on 29/12/17 at 10:21 PM Reply With Quote
Duratec oil cooler.

Iím building a MNR VORTX with a tuned duratec, hopefully Iíll have around 230ish bhp, and itíll be a road legal track day car.
My question is, do I need an oil cooler? Itís got a wet raceline sump, and the old fiesta st150 oil filter mount heat exchanger thingy. Running this requires fitting pipes and teeing into the coolant circuit which is a pain. Alternatively, I can buy and fit an oil cooler. Is it worth going the oil cooler route, am I likely to see high oil temps on track without one? Iíve been looking at the thermostatic oil coolers, as I understand the oil can run too cool with a non thermostatic one. I have a coolex water radiator with the fan on the engine side, so an oil cooler would have to go on the front of my rad. Would a 16 row one be about right?

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posted on 30/12/17 at 08:00 AM Reply With Quote
I've got one on mine as when it was hot the oil pressure dropped so fitted an oil cooler, but it turned out to be a bad earth. Is it required - not for me as I only drive it on the road. On the track maybe?

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