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Author: Subject: Best place to sell a kit car

posted on 4/7/19 at 01:27 PM Reply With Quote
Best place to sell a kit car

Afternoon chaps,

I've had my Haynes roadster on a classified ad on ebay for 30 days and I'm surprised it didn't sell, this is the ad in question that I posted on here

I'm wondering if I over priced it at £8500 with offers, I had 1 offer from a bloke who was 6'5" and was obviously going to struggle getting in so that fell dead in the water, other than that no offers barring the odd offer of "are you interested in swapping for a v8 s8"

So I'm wondering if an ebay classified ad was the way forward or does anyone have any better experiences with the likes of pistonheads or autotrader or did I just over price it?

Just to add it had 43 watchers and almost 2000 views.

Any advice greatly received.


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posted on 4/7/19 at 04:06 PM Reply With Quote
It looks a really nice motor.

although a hand built “Locost” can and often does exceed the quality of a known kit that is not a guarantee and a brand name offers a level of reassurance even if it’s not built as well as yours.

I know what these cost to build and would also say the spec is pretty basic at the price point.
I also don’t think the weather has helped this year with the good weather only just getting going.

My 2p worth

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posted on 4/7/19 at 04:40 PM Reply With Quote
Being blunt, yes you overpriced it.

It's a nicely put together car, don't get me wrong, but it's one of the most expensive Roadsters advertised that I've seen in 8 years of being around them. Most IVA'd ones seem to be in the region of 5-6k ever since Roadsters have been around. I certainly had that figure in mind as to what mine was worth had I not sold it before finishing it.

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posted on 4/7/19 at 05:15 PM Reply With Quote
If I were looking for a kit at the moment,I would hope that it came with more than 5 weeks mot, I suggest you wait a week or so, and mot it again, and sell it with 13 months mot.
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posted on 4/7/19 at 09:33 PM Reply With Quote
i'm a tight arse...... and rubbish at knowing the value of something (but great on the cost).

In my eyes 4k and someone has a bargain. 6k seems reasonable and 8k might be a bit high.

I don't know what the wrap cost, but if it doesn't have it then its similar to all the other locosts / haynes. A quick search of ebay pulls up cars in the price range i've described. Now are those cars significantly 'worse' than yours? Who knows? But would you look at yours instead of the cheaper one? I've even seen on ebay a westfield for 8k. Westfield is a recognised brand with a proper manufacture and support (although from some of the threads i've read over the last year the support seems patchy).

Like anything, its worth what someone will pay. Maybe tomorrow someone will offer 8k and i'll be proved completely wrong.

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posted on 4/7/19 at 09:34 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for the advice guys, i think I've been a bit over ambitious with the price.
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posted on 4/7/19 at 10:57 PM Reply With Quote
Its a very nice looking car and in the best colour for a 7 imho

Just my 2p but I'd drop the price £500 and put 12 months MOT on it

Now's the time to sell it, whilst the suns out, Give it a couple of months and it'll be a lot harder

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steve m

posted on 5/7/19 at 06:42 AM Reply With Quote
My locost was valued at 3k by the insurance company, and even though my car was a very well built car, the insurance would only up my valuation of 10k for another £500 a year
Wish id payed that, as its a fire write off now, happened on Monday!

Any home built car has no real value compared to a Westie or Caterham, infact, I would say any home built car has no value except the parts, so 5k is the absolute max


Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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posted on 5/7/19 at 02:31 PM Reply With Quote
My Haynes was written off last year and was only 2 years since IVA. The insurance company valued the damage I caused to it at 16k but the cars value at 5k which is what I ended up being paid out. Realistically I would have liked to get 5 or 600 more but wasn't too unhappy with that payout.

My build blog IVA passed 3/10/16
written off 23/9/18
Aug 2019 completed Tiger Avon with ST170 on TB's
Now restoring 1968 Ginetta G4
And - a series 1 Land Rover - don't ask why!

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