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Author: Subject: Mk indy dash

posted on 24/7/19 at 07:57 PM Reply With Quote
Mk indy dash

Evening guys. Needing some help with the dash panel for an MK indy.

Along time ago I made my own dash from carbon fibre premade sheet bought from a company I no longer remember, It is about 1.5mm thick and has a great glossy glass like finish to it. Now I want to restyle my dash and need a new panel, after searching the net carbon fibre sheet is now at even higher prices from what I can remember.

But I see Kit cars direct and MK sell their own panels. But they offer two types and I cant tell which is right for me if i go for the shaped ones they offer.
Prepreg and wet lay, one more expensive than the other what is the difference? im not after strength, but I want the most visual non blemish one they do OR just find the same sheet I had years ago to make my own again.

Any tips?

Any detailed close up pics of them would help.

Sorry about my spelling, im an engineer and only work in numbers.

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posted on 24/7/19 at 08:33 PM Reply With Quote
You will want pre preg.

The wet lay has faults and defects in the weave and inclusions in the resin. This was in there own blurb but hey, I can always paint them when I do the car.

What dash did you have ?

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posted on 10/8/19 at 08:31 PM Reply With Quote
This is an MK dash via Kit Car Direct...



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Sigs are uncool.

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