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three wheeler unfinished for sale ??
kipper - 12/9/18 at 03:56 PM

I have an unfinished three wheeler that needs a keen builder to finish it. I is on it's wheels and rolling ,steering working, brakes connected but not yet bled ,hand brake cables and calipers, ZX9 engine with exhaust, fuel tank ,all zx9 instuments and wiring, single sided honda swinging arm, some bodywork done. For sale as I went back to classic bike racing and have no time to do both. I need the room in the garage for bikes. send my a Email address and I will send pics ( cant do it on here)
see avatar for pic befoere zx9 fitted.
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jacko - 13/9/18 at 06:12 PM

Hi Dennis how are you long time
I hope the sale goes well it's. Lovely job you made of it