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Author: Subject: Handbrake cable brackets?

posted on 26/5/17 at 10:04 AM Reply With Quote
Handbrake cable brackets?

I'm about to shorten my hand brake cable inner (for the second time!) as there isn't enough adjustment to give a decent setting on the lever.

I've had it in my mind that a cable support bracket may be required to finish off the handbrake mechanism and now would be the time to make it!

I'm struggling for ideas though. Firstly, is it necessary or is what i have done adequate?

The best attachment point i can see would be to make a bracket that bolts onto the rear of the diff using the unused threaded holes on the diff casing.

Any ideas or examples from other builds please?


[img] Handbrake cables
Handbrake cables

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posted on 26/5/17 at 11:25 AM Reply With Quote
All i've done is drill a small hole into the top unused mount on the diff case (the tail bit) and used a suitable size cable p clip to secure the handbrake cable inplace.
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posted on 26/5/17 at 10:27 PM Reply With Quote
Here mine on a Panther, I used a piece of ally angle to put the rubber ends of the cable into, then fitted a screwed rod to the lever by removing the ford rod, fitted screwed adjusters to the wire cables these were from a chandelry seller - boat iron monger.

This gave me individual adjustment left and right to balance, then over all adjustment using the center nut.

Don't have any support on cable between calipers and bulkhead, passed IVA fine and works well.

[img] Fully adjustable handbrake
Fully adjustable handbrake

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posted on 30/5/17 at 06:22 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks for replies. I've had another look and I think I need another clip on the dedion on each side first then see how it looks around the diff. I like the idea of drilling and tapping into the casting at the rear unused bit though. Will also make a couple of spacer tubes to try rather than shortening the cable further, think this might make the routing neater. Will post a further picture when I think this bit is finished.
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