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FS: MK Locost Sprint & Race Car with Radical Engine
Doctor Derek Doctors - 3/9/19 at 07:22 AM

Selling on behalf of a friend, I have been co-driving this well known car in the Javelin Sprint Series Class T (for race cars) this year.

This is a savagely fast and hilarious fun to drive car, really well sorted with a complete Radical/Powertech engine set-up.

The results speak for themselves, where we to be running in normal Javelin classes a couple of week ago at Blyton it would have been 3rd overall only behind an Atom 3.5R and a Turbocharged Westfield Megabusa both with 2x the power, it is also regularly the 2nd fastest starting car of anything in the Javelin and Japanese sprint series, 1.63 over 64ft at Croft on Sunday.

Would be the perfect way to go sprinting, hillclimbing or even racing in Magnificent Sevens as it has the full race powertrain:

Full advert from Martin:

Powertec Radical SR4 engined MK Locost sprint/hillclimb/track car
• Chassis built by MK to Locost racing specification
• Powertec Radical SR4 Kawasaki ZZR1200 engine package – 1164cc, dry-sump, 41mm Keihin
flatslides, MBE programmable ignition, Tony Law exhaust with Caterham silencer.
188.9bhp/107.1lbft, with dyno sheets. 6 speed sequential with programmable Healtech
quickshifter. Carbs rebuilt by Harper’s Ultrasonic, with Viton seals. Set up on the
dyno and very tractable.
• Powder coated chassis with MK roll cage.
• 5-linked English axle (Mk2 Cortina 1600GT/Lotus); 3.54 ratio (new CWP) and helical LSD
• Wilwood 4-pot front calipers with Mintex 1144 pads (both new in 2019). 9” rear drums with
competition linings and handbrake
• 2.4 ratio steering rack. Corner weighting
and geometry set up by T89 Designs
• OBP bias pedal box with new master
cylinders. Hydraulic clutch.
• TRT propshaft, rated for 300bhp. AB
Performance prop convertor.
• Undertray and rear wings by Race Car
• MK Indy nose cone, bonnet & scuttle
• Escort aluminium radiator
• Aluminium driver and passenger seats. 6
point TRS driver’s harness (dated 2021) &
4 point passenger’s.
• Weight in running order approx. 485kg, with scope for easy reduction
• 8/9” Minilight wheels with A15 compound Avon slicks + pair of 7” Minilight wheels with cut
A92 compound slicks + 4 Ford Capri 2.8 alloys with Hankook wets
• Engine spares package, including a full gearbox and clutch
• ‘Soft Bits for Sevens’ trailer cover
The chassis was built in 2009 and the initial build completed in
late 2015. It has since been driven by Richard Hough in the
Javelin Sprint Series over the last 4 seasons (& Callan Trump
of T89 Designs/Race Car Wings this season) in various classes
and has been continually developed; the Powertec engine
package being added in early 2018. Comparison of times
shows how competitive the car is against much more expensive
machinery, whilst being genuinely reliable, un-temperamental,
simple and cheap to maintain in comparison to anything of
remotely similar performance. Being sold to fund a new project.
Any questions, please call Martin on 07976 155867. I am based in High Peak, Derbyshire.





Doctor Derek Doctors - 3/9/19 at 08:31 AM

Engine bay pic:


As mentioned in the advert this engine has a proven 188.9bhp and 107.1lbft of torque. It revs like a bike engine and pulls low down like a car engine, with the flat shifter it is relentless down the straights.

Doctor Derek Doctors - 17/9/19 at 10:20 AM

Bump, this thing is awesome and a massive bargain

Doctor Derek Doctors - 6/10/19 at 08:50 PM

Bump, if you want to start sprinting (and winning) this car is perfect. Offers now being taken in the region of £6.75-7k

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Doctor Derek Doctors - 18/10/19 at 11:42 AM


jeffw - 20/10/19 at 07:21 AM

Well done