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Author: Subject: CX-5 Headlights

posted on 31/10/17 at 09:10 PM Reply With Quote
CX-5 Headlights


Every time I drive at night someone flashes their lights at me. I reckon people think I have full beam on as my lights seem really bright. I assume alignment is ok as it passed the MOT a few months back.

Anyone else get the same with newer cars?

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posted on 1/11/17 at 11:18 AM Reply With Quote
As an oldie I find many modern cars headlights dazzling, partly because they are so bright now but also due to the fashion? of SUV type vehicles the lights are a lot higher! Driving a 7 at night on unlit roads can be quite scary as you sit so low.
One of my (current) pet hates is the fact that the indicator on many cars is right next to the bright headlight so it can be easily missed, Range Rovers as an example.

Phoned the local ramblers club today, but the bloke who answered just
went on and on.

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rusty nuts

posted on 1/11/17 at 06:24 PM Reply With Quote
I hate self levelling headlights, if your being followed it's like your constantly being flashed.and just as bad if approaching.
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David Jenkins

posted on 2/11/17 at 07:53 AM Reply With Quote
Volvo are the same - the cut-off at the top of the beam is very sharp and quite high, which means that they look like they're flashing as the car drives over a slightly bumpy road.

As for indicators close to the headlights - it's even worse at the back, especially when they put the indicators within a red ring that holds the brake lights. The indicators are easy to see - until the driver puts the brake lights on, at which point they're invisible. Indicators on many modern cars are next to useless anyway (especially VAG cars, apart from the big autobahn ones).

The older I get, the better I was...

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posted on 2/11/17 at 08:26 AM Reply With Quote
Living in an old sailing village with bad roads and lots of old people is less than ideal then!
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