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Author: Subject: Steering Column

posted on 25/1/17 at 07:27 PM Reply With Quote
Steering Column

I'm in the process of making my self a new steering column to get rid of the sierra unit (just the upper section) along with it's wobbly plastic bushes!

My plan is to mount a couple of spherical bearings, one where the lower plastic bush fits and the other just behind the dash, and run a 3/4" Steel tube through with a weld on removable boss at the top and a welded on triangular section at the bottom to fit into the sierra UJ.

Obviously removing the sierra unit also means removing the collapsible section. Now my question is, how do I go about not getting myself impaled in the event of a head on crash?
Is there a bit I can make weaker that will hopefully sheer in a crash but not fail while driving?

Any ideas on how to go about it would be great! (car is already road legal etc)

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posted on 25/1/17 at 08:24 PM Reply With Quote
the iva manual section 14 "protective steering" has several viable options to protect the driver from being impaled by the steering column
for instance a uj at with a 15-25 degree offset could be suitable
An offset between the steering column and the input shaft of the steering rack or box In cases where an intermediate shaft is used, it will be connected to the steering column at one end and the steering rack or box at the other, by means of universal joints and/or flexible couplings. The greater the angle through which the joints run, the more effective they will be in preventing movement being transmitted up the steering column. While it is unlikely that joints of this type will work at angles above 30 degrees, they are unlikely to be effective if the angle between the steering column and the intermediate shaft (when viewed from the side or the top of the vehicle) is less than 10 degrees.

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posted on 25/1/17 at 09:58 PM Reply With Quote
Collapsible steering wheel boss?

I have done something similar to what you are doing just by using the Sierra column. I got rid of the Ali bit with the springs etc just keeping the central, solid tube part of the column.

The downside is none of my column is collapsable but using the harnesses, if I somehow connect with the column, I guess I would be dead anyway!

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