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Fleabay don't like loosing out on their fees
r1_pete - 14/5/17 at 12:21 PM

A thinly veiled threat, nothing to do with safety really, its all about their fees, they don't like people getting one over on them.....

We’re writing to let you know that activity on your account may not be following an important eBay policy that requires all transactions and payments to be completed through eBay. The same policy specifies that eBay member-to-member messages may not be used to share contact information.

For example(s), review your listing and member messages regarding the following:
152545392401 - Porsche 924 Turbo Bonnet, NACA Duct style fits 944

152545392401 - You provided contact information in a message

There’s a very good reason for this policy. Only transactions conducted through eBay can be covered by eBay Seller Protections—programmes that help ensure sellers can conduct business on eBay with confidence. Also, eBay has invested a great amount to bring you buyers, and we want to continue to partner with you in the fulfillment of transactions with them.

Even if a buyer requests to work with you directly, it’s important to use the methods eBay provides to personalise a transaction. For example, you can make a private offer to your buyer. You can also set up your listings to invite best offers.

We understand that you might not have known about our rules that don’t allow sharing contact information in messages or making an offer to sell outside of eBay. We encourage you to review the details of the policy to understand what you can and can’t do. At this time, no further action is being taken on your account; we want to educate you on the policy. Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don't, you may be subject to a range of actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges, application of fees, suspension of your account(s), and restrictions on listing search page exposure and account features.

If you have any questions, contact us:



Schrodinger - 14/5/17 at 04:43 PM

that's interesting considering that they allow adverts that say "cash on collection only"

coozer - 14/5/17 at 05:45 PM

very strange indeed, any particular reason they sent you that?

Just a few days ago I bought something and the seller asked me for email and mobile number.. I polity declined telling him ebay have all my details...

r1_pete - 14/5/17 at 09:26 PM

Well the guy rang me, came, looked, bought, and I ended the listing, deprived poor struggling ebay of their cut, and paypal of their fees too....