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Off topic consumer stuff
luke2152 - 8/4/19 at 02:48 PM

I brought a washer/dryer in late Feb from a smallish appliance and furniture store. I got a substantial discount because it had 'cosmetic damage - some dents in the front and side'. I asked if it had a full manufacturers warranty and it did and then I checked this was stated on the receipt.

It worked for two weeks then failed. Drier sensor error. Called the shop and they got hoover engineer out to fix it. He took covers off and it was clear that some of the components were broken from their mounts and moving around freely. He also said if its been knocked about it's likely the bearings are f*cked. So it wasn't cosmetic damage and hoover won't deal with warranty.

Went back to the store wanting a refund but they want to repair it instead. They say as 30 days have passed they have no obligation to refund and pointing out that it was stated as having a manufacturer warranty got me nowhere. Like talking to a brick wall.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Looks easy enough to file a claim with small claims but I don't know how easy the process is.

watsonpj - 8/4/19 at 03:57 PM

I think they are in breach of the trade descriptions act. or the new european version

basically they have to have fair description of the goods and if it says it has a guarantee and is fully useable it has to be. The manufacturer has said their warranty isnt valid so its unlikely they will reinstate it even if repaired so it fails to meet the description at the sale of the goods.
Just repairing it will not fix your issue as you won't have a manufacturers warranty.

I'd go back (or phone) and state the position again and if they won't change then state you will talk to trading standards about it.

If none of that works then its small claims i would say.


rusty nuts - 8/4/19 at 04:46 PM

Wouldnít be the first time Iíve kicked up a fuss in a store in front of loads of customers, itís amazing how the potential loss of sales can make them think again Comet in particular comes to mind.

Simon - 8/4/19 at 08:28 PM

Consumer rights Act 2015

Despite damage they said it was fine which it wasn't. They do have the right to repair it once and then have to give you your money back or replace.

Have a read about it, quite useful. Even covers things like software on electronic items (whether provided free or not). Replaces Sale of Goods Act.