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Author: Subject: 2K Paint COSHH
NS Dev

posted on 17/5/10 at 09:38 PM Reply With Quote
no simple answer on this

its definitely NOT a case of instant death with 2k, but equally you really don't want to breathe it in!!

we use a lot of 2k

its a pain in the ass. Airfed masks are not great fun to wear, the fumes during cure are MUCH more harmful than what comes off during spraying, and if you run the extraction during cure then you just up the risk of dust (bearing in mind we don't have a megabucks booth.

Painting celly in the old days was much easier!

have to learn it all again in waterbased next!!

One for Mark Allanson, what blowers are there that don't consume stupid amounts of expensive compressed air, but don't throw dust up???

Must be something surely other than the compressed air vortex blowers........

[Edited on 17/5/10 by NS Dev]

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posted on 18/7/10 at 07:25 PM Reply With Quote
2k might be bad for you but its the only paint your going to get a nice finish the diy way as ive found out, all you need is a good mask thats speced to what your sparying you dont need an air feed mask DO NOT USE a cheap dust mask. cellulose is ok but a pain in the ass to get right and 90% of the time looks shit.
heres a car ive just sprayed with 2k in a garage with a proper mask for the job.


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posted on 30/9/10 at 02:26 PM Reply With Quote
Its a sad fact when your young and a bit daft you take risks and do things that when your an old buzzard you will surely come to regret as they will come back to haunt you big style.

Smoking, working with asbestos, in my case using freon gas like compressed air ( 4 of my old work mates dead of the big c before their time) were all at one time pronounced harmless. However 2 pack has always come with a warning, to be aware of the dangers at least puts the onus on you and your common sense.

I used to be a Werewolf but I'm alright nowwoooooooooooooo

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flak monkey

posted on 4/12/11 at 08:39 PM Reply With Quote
I am going to be spraying a lot of 2k soon when I do the body on my Camaro... 1k clear is crap by all accounts, as is 1k hi-build.

There are some non-iso 2k paints available but they are massively expensive. House of Kolor are the main people. This is the stuff you see them spraying on American Hotrod just wearing normal masks. But the prices are enough to put you off...

However I have looked into the equipment needed and an air fed mask and 3 stage filter system (with Coalescing filter) can be run off a piston type compressor. Will need it's own 3hp compressor just for the mask though. Total cost is around 500 by the time you have a S/H compressor too. I have all the other gear anyway.

I am currently working with a non-iso epoxy primer/sealer by a company called Jotun. Still wearing a proper 3M mask to spray it though as its bloody potent stuff. However it sets hard as nails and its much better than anything 1k that I have ever used.


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posted on 28/5/13 at 12:25 PM Reply With Quote
I've had no end of trouble with water based paints - finish is fine and colour match was OK but it didn't last 12 months and became porous fairly quickly. I sprayed 2K on the wings (paint supplier was very cagey about supplying it to me and pointed out that there's legislation about how and where it can be sprayed and that they'd be in trouble if they were found out - they would only supply it if I promised I had an air-fed mask). Problem is I only have a driveway in which to spray, so I stopped using it and gave up and went back to water based but still need a lacquer which defeats the purpose. The finish with 2K is so much easier to achieve. I've reached the point now where I'm tempted to just hand it over to a proper body shop and save myself the hassle.

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posted on 6/2/14 at 08:55 PM Reply With Quote
don't worry about 2Pak its good stuff
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posted on 9/4/16 at 08:52 AM Reply With Quote
Painted my E46 M3 white using it.

Used a crap mask as I was too lazy to go and get a decent one, after laying the first coat on head was thumping and had a sore chest.

Decided it was best to get a good mask haha.

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posted on 9/4/16 at 09:24 AM Reply With Quote
On this subject safety is paramount, why risk it? I have been in and around heavy engineering for 50 years. Welding and fabricating Ships, Nuclear subs and power stations, associated machinery right through to kit car chassis etc. paying the price now, air fed mask 15 years back was about 20 years to late. As an old dog speaking, please take care of your health.
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