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Author: Subject: Zetec MS2 idling/advance

posted on 4/9/16 at 08:59 PM Reply With Quote
Zetec MS2 idling/advance

Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice - I currently have the below setup and I'm struggling a bit with the first steps of getting it running.

Zetec 2L standard silver top
Jenvey 45s
Injectors from VAG 1.8T 253cc/min
Megasquirt MS2 V3.0

I can start it but only with some throttle so I'm guessing I've got too much cranking / ASE but for now I'm concentrating on the idle. From cold it wont idle (just dies) but once warmed up it idles at a steady 1000rpm, 13.5 AFR drawing 5kg/Hr / cylinder (balanced) but occasionally it just dies for some unknown reason.

My fuel and spark tables are below, I'm wondering if my advance might be off, also seem to be running very low numbers in the VE table (only been looking at the low end around idle so far). Injectors were an eBay purchase based on needing something around 250cc/min for a stock zetec on ITBs. Perhaps they're a higher flow rate than expected....

Really grateful for any comments on any element of the tuning process and where I've got to. My target is to get it running well enough for MOT and then rolling road it at Bailey Performance who helped me get hold of the Jenveys.


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posted on 5/9/16 at 04:56 AM Reply With Quote
if you need throttle to get it to start and keep it running you need more fuel. a zetec will run even at the point were your almost flooding it.

forget about afr's at idle just give the engine the fuel it needs until it runs well. afr only really matters on cruse for economy and hard acceleration.

if you get tuner studio pro you get auto tune and auto warmup enrichment tuner. its well worth the money just for those features alone not to mention your supporting phil and allowing him to make the program even better.

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posted on 5/9/16 at 06:07 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks very much for the reply. I have TS pro, brilliant software

I've been using it but from the sound of it setting my targets around idle too low. I'll try rich ending it up further.

Do the spark tables look somewhere near?

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posted on 5/9/16 at 07:36 AM Reply With Quote
Mine was stalling at idle, I put around 22degrees advance on the spark table, at 150rpm below idle speed. Sorted
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posted on 5/9/16 at 09:10 AM Reply With Quote
Typical advance at 800 rpm idle for a modern 16 valve engine of around 1.8 to 2 litres is 13 to 14 degrees, at 1500rpm 18 degrees is about right. Below 500 rpm 5 degrees to allow the starter to do it's job.

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posted on 5/9/16 at 09:11 AM Reply With Quote
Zetecs only need 28deg all in by 4000rpm

10deg idle, but I tend ti use about 5 deg and make rest up in cold advance (to keep it running while cold)

If it won't idle at 5 you have your trigger wheel settings wrong, should be 80 deg for stock 36-1

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