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Author: Subject: Fuel problem, Vauxhaul Corsa
steve m

posted on 8/3/20 at 07:28 PM Reply With Quote
Fuel problem, Vauxhaul Corsa

My mothers car Vauxhal Corsa, 1.2 on a 16 plate, needs an MOT, as expires 10/03 /2020,
It has not run since Mar11 2019, please don't ask !

It has done 3 miles. yes three miles, since last years MOT, and please don't ask, any questions about the THREE miles, in a year,!

So, I go and get the car, and its got a flat battery, not just flat, but very flat, so a night on a charger, and I go back, today and its still bloody flat !!, guess what Mother didn't want it left on charge all night, so turned the charger off, FFS

Any way, I got it started, not easy, as its an auto, and nose into the garage, and flat battery, so with three sets of jump leads, on my Mondeo, in series and two battery chargers, I got the bitch to start, god it was awful, and running like a pig/dog

Anyway, got the bitch back to my place, and Mother stayed at hers and the car is still running badly (bad fuel I suspect)

So, as I cant drain the fuel, I take it for an Itallion tune up, not easy with an auto, as the car had 1/2 a tank of fuel, and I needed to burn off a lot, so I could fill up with new fuel,

I have done 160 miles today in an fi ing sh y te Vaux corsa, and its still got half a tank of cr a p Fuel in the tank, and I thrashed the piece of cr a p big time

Anyway, I ve now refueled the corsa with new fuel, and plan to thrash it work tomorrow, and home, and then to MOt on Tuesday


will the bad Petrol cause an issue with the emissions ? as if it does, ive got some matches )


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posted on 8/3/20 at 09:08 PM Reply With Quote
Petrol has always went sour with but modern fuels have a different hydrocarbon mix and ethanol in the mix --- really would be an idea to give a really good dose of injector cleaner additive.

The battery may very well be knackered, always get damaged by deep discharge but modern batteries have calcium doping and are more difficult to recover. It sounds like it is the single calcium type as with slow charging they can recover to some extent.

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posted on 8/3/20 at 09:37 PM Reply With Quote
if its a 16 plate, it will be monitoring emissions, and trying its best (poor thing)
most modern petrol (standard unleaded) has 5% ethanol, which when left /can/ absorb water from the air, and worst case then separates, so you have a layer of water at the bottom of the tank, and low grade fuel above that.
given that you got it running, and managed some mileage, and got fresh fuel, I think you should be ok. especially after another quick thrash.

but yea will probably need a battery :-(

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Mr Whippy

posted on 9/3/20 at 07:03 AM Reply With Quote
sell the car, she obviously doesn't need it, total waste of money
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steve m

posted on 10/3/20 at 07:37 PM Reply With Quote

The Corsa did pass the MOT, even with a couple of gallons of cr a p fuel in the tank, but brimmed with new fuel
It does run poorly at idle, but managed to scrape through the emissions, but only just, the figures were that tight,

I will let Mr Whippy tell my multi millionaire Mother she doesn't need the corsa as its a drain on humanity
Personally, I would rather she sold the Bentlee's and gave me the cash


Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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