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Burton rocker cover
andy3649 - 2/5/18 at 08:45 PM

Can anyone help me out, Looking for the early type Burton alloy rocker cover for a pinto, itís the one with the large Burton logo cast in the top, not available anymore and Iím not keen on yhe new design. If anyone has one for sale please let me know.many thanks

nick205 - 3/5/18 at 09:06 AM

What's wrong with Henry's?

You can paint it a different colour if you like and (as I did) move the oil filler to the rear for better bonnet clearance.

andy3649 - 3/5/18 at 10:11 AM

Itís a Burton tuned Engine.......... so i want a Burton rocker cover

bigtuni - 24/5/19 at 02:03 PM

Hi there
I am looking for a rear fill modified original OHC rocker cover. I am sure someone must have one collecting dust in a shelve somewhere??
Same or similar as the one posted above or this one here:


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James - 24/5/19 at 03:57 PM


If you can't find a modified one I spotted that a Golf one has a really low filler neck and cap.

So I cut the hole and cap off the golf, cut the hole out of the ford and welded the golf one in place.

Clears bonnet just fine now.

bigtuni - 24/5/19 at 09:22 PM

That might be an option, but I was hoping to be able to avoid having to weld myself. I have no equipment.