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lvdxd00 - 22/6/18 at 05:54 AM

I have seen what I thought was a Mk Indy for sale on the Mk website.
I have contacted the seller and he has sent me some pictures, one shows a vin saying mac 1.
Are mk and mac1 connected?
Looks a nice car and I am interested in it.
Are mac1 still trading?

mangogrooveworkshop - 22/6/18 at 05:58 AM

mac1 used to use mk chassis in the olden days

CosKev3 - 22/6/18 at 06:49 AM

Pretty sure Mac1 have finished.

It's not really a worry though if it's putting you off buying,as the majority of MK parts will fit if you need replacement's!

lvdxd00 - 22/6/18 at 04:11 PM

So, will it be an MK Indy just badged Mac1 motorsport?
DVLA has it registered as a MK

CosKev3 - 22/6/18 at 04:20 PM

Got a link to the car?

All the ones I can see on MK website are using MK bodywork

lvdxd00 - 22/6/18 at 05:10 PM

Itís the blue one for £3.5

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big_wasa - 23/6/18 at 07:32 AM

3.5k at this time of year seems very very cheap even for a pinto.

PAUL FISHER - 23/6/18 at 07:09 PM

Sean at Mk sports cars now also owns Mac1😎