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Author: Subject: FS: Ford E350 Custom Bike Hauler Camper - 7.5L Supercharged

posted on 8/12/17 at 03:33 AM Reply With Quote
FS: Ford E350 Custom Bike Hauler Camper - 7.5L Supercharged




WOW - Want an amazing custom truck this is!! You wont see another like it. Not just the look, but the motor too.

This truck was built in the States and shipped in to the UK in 2015. It was sold as an unregistered and untested vehicle by the importers; Stumpys Toy Town, for 18k. The buyer then never did anything with it and just stored it away for 2 years until we bought it. We then got the truck converted for UK roads, fully serviced, MOT, and registered in the UK.

We started off straight away taking it to a few events for advertising our motorcycle showroom; Not Your Average Bikes. Its first trip out, less than a week after the registration coming through, was a trip from Leeds to Northern Ireland for the Ulster GP as we were supporting one of the riders. We loaded the truck up with 2 bikes (a little MSX125 Grom across the back of the cab on top of the storage lockers, and then a big 1700cc Yamaha MT01 on the main dolly), tools, supplies etc, and the two of us, and off we went on the 700 mile round trip. The truck drove faultlessly and got so much attention it was unbelievable. People driving past us on the motorway rubber-necking and taking photos and videos.

The truck is fitted with the biggest of engines they did in these, the 460 cu. in. (7.5L), but this was then boosted with a supercharger as part of the build carried out in the States. It was built for Harley Davidson to show one of their custom bikes. Painted in Harley Davidson colours and fitted with a one-off bike loading dolly system on the rear. The dolly winches off so you can load the bike on the ground, then winch the entire thing back up. Awesome piece of kit. The interior was also all renewed with new captains seats in the front, new electric roll bed in the rear, and all new wall, floor, and ceiling lining.

Since we have had the truck we have had it UK registered, fully serviced, stack exhausts fitted with remote fob controlled silencer (not that you really ever want it on quiet when it sounds so good on loud), fitted a top of the range fold out stereo complete with phone bluetooth for music and calls, and sat nav too, and finished with all new speakers front and rear, door tweeters, and new speaker wire.

We have taken the truck to local custom car / bike / american shows and to a few road racing events with a bike or two on the back, and it gets absolutely loads of attention where ever it goes. It is a great advertising tool. A couple of weeks ago we took it to Scarborough for the Gold Cup and ended up with a load of the grid / fundraising girls draped all over the truck as you can see in the photos (thats how much attention it gets), and also bumped in to Mike Hailwoods son, David, who loved the truck too and we got him photographed next to it.

The truck performs brilliantly and with the supercharged motor it definitely surprises a lot of people. On the way to Scarborough we got stuck behind a little old lady driving 45mph in a 60. Foot down and flew round her like a quick car would, but with a lot more noise. The look on her face being overtaken so quickly by a big truck with 2 bikes on the back was a picture. Also when we took the truck to the Ulster GP we did about a dozen laps around the course on the evenings and put the racing lads in their new vans to shame. I reckon we definitely have the unofficial lap record for the 7L+ class.

The truck has the higher roof cab on it which makes it more comfortable for using as a camper. The bed is very comfy and was comfortable for me for the week I spent in it over at the Ulster GP. The front seats are very comfortable too. Not a problem spending 6 hours or so sat in them for the drive from Leeds to Stranraer.

The truck has door lights, and several interior lights, external lights down the side of the truck and in the sides of the runner boards. Also lights across the top of the cab at the front and the rear. There is a rear view camera on the back of the cab however this is not currently wired in.

All the brakes and tyres were brand new when the truck was converted in the States so have only seen around 1-2k miles.

Video of bike loading in use;

All-in-all this is an amazing truck and an amazing showpiece. Great for any yank car lover, or for an advertising vehicle.

[img]s-l1 600 (3) by Jonabonospen, on Flickr[/img]

[img]22 045589_1445461265561135_8841044345351707246_n by Jonabonospen, on Flickr[/img]

[img]2017 0811_132253 by Jonabonospen, on Flickr[/img]

[img]s-l1 600 (1) by Jonabonospen, on Flickr[/img]

[img]s- l1600 (4) by Jonabonospen, on Flickr[/img]

[img]s-l1 600 (6) by Jonabonospen, on Flickr[/img]

PRICE: 24,995 ono

(open to part ex on cars, bikes, and motorhomes - ideally looking for a bike American RV for next years racing season)

And no the girls and bikes dont come with the truck



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posted on 8/12/17 at 09:18 AM Reply With Quote
Very nice - I must say picture 3 makes me want it even more


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