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Author: Subject: Wet weather gear?

posted on 19/2/08 at 11:31 PM Reply With Quote
Wet weather gear?

Me again with another question!

I've been thinking more seriously about my impending purchase of a BEC, and have come to the conclusion that in reality it's going to have to have some kind of protection against the rain etc.

Basically because a lot of the time it will be used to take my 4 year old out, and although it would be fun telling a friend to just get used to it when it starts pouring down, it won't be so much fun saying the same to a crying 4 year old!

It would mean I would never take the car out for anything but short trips, unless it was the peak of summer & I was 110% sure it wouldn't rain later in the day i.e a massive waste meaning the car would hardly ever get used.

If I had some kind of wet weather gear, i'd just take the car regardless and if it does rain then just pop the roof on and no tears from the passenger seat.

I know it goes against the whole idea of having a BEC with an aeroscreen etc, but I just know if I didn't get a screen and wet weather gear then the car would hardly get used at all, and no point tying up 7500+ in a car that just sits there.

I know there are screens available for the MAC#1 cars because I saw a post on here, but not seen much in the way of wet weather gear.

Any ideas where best to speak to about this? I contacted MAC#1 over a week ago but not heard anything back. I should phone them but I'm always in work mode until about 8pm then by the time I get round to thinking about these things everywhere is closed.


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posted on 19/2/08 at 11:36 PM Reply With Quote
Some MK owners have wet weather gear as standard Rescued attachment wet weather gear.jpg
Rescued attachment wet weather gear.jpg

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posted on 19/2/08 at 11:52 PM Reply With Quote
Ring Mac#1.

I have a 5 year old. In reality the opportunity to take her out is severley limted. Ive not been caught out in rain yet. Some well chosen clothing will lessen the issue.

I also have a 2 year old who enjoys short runs to nursery etc. Again weather is no issue if you pick your moments

If you must have wet weather gear why not order screen from Mango on this site (he has checked his template against my scuttle) and then take car to soft bits for sevens for a nicely tailored roof to be made??? Job sussed.

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posted on 20/2/08 at 07:44 AM Reply With Quote
I can understand you wanting a screen, but why not go for a tonneau instead of a full hood? Cheaper, easier to fit and store.

Certainly in my Fury the only place to put the hood and frame is in the passenger footwell rather diminishing the passenger carrying capabilities! Also, unless you go for full sidescreens the car won't be waterproof anyway.

If you can't buy one off the shelf you can get them made up for a reasonable sum - my car is in being fitted with one today!

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posted on 20/2/08 at 08:18 AM Reply With Quote
Have a look at surrey daves web page he has a simple solution if you have a screen.


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posted on 20/2/08 at 08:33 AM Reply With Quote
If you fit a screen and you've got a rear roll bar- try looking at Softbitsforsevens half hood. They're quite expensive but believe me there's a lot of work in it (I know cos I'm making one!!)....
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