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Author: Subject: Furore Products - Lithium Ion Battery Sale

posted on 12/6/17 at 07:17 AM Reply With Quote
Furore Products - Lithium Ion Battery Sale

Hello all,

Due to recent price changes from my supplier I can only offer 5% instead of 10% to locost builders members on my lithium ion batteries

That being said, I am currently over stocked on most of the lithium ion batteries that I stock due to an error on my part, I really don't want to store the extra batteries so I am offering them all at a discounted price here, when they're gone they're gone, to receive the price stated for the battery simply message me here with which battery you would like and you email address and I can send a direct payment link to you for the total. I will still be stocking the batteries, but won't be able to repeat these prices

This will be the last chance to get the batteries that I stock at these lower prices which generally represent over 10% off our normal retail

All of these batteries are designed to start engines and then have an alternator take over, a standard 12v alternator (or dynamo!) is all that is required, you do not need any special equipment, they are a direct replacement for lead acid.

If you are intending on using the vehicle for racing then I would only advise getting the Lipo20A as it has the largest capacity but it would not be suitable for endurance races without an alternator, fine for total loss systems on short circuit races

Off the vehicle they can be charged using a 12v trickle charger, again you do not need special equipment, do not charge over 14.6v or using a garage fast/boost charger as this will damage the battery management system which is there for your safety & protection.

I have 2-3 of most of the following

Here are the codes to quote, dimensions (WxDxH), weights, CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage) ratings and prices of the batteries I have on offer:

Lipo04A - 133x70x85mm - ~450g - 70CCA - 49.95

Lipo05A - 113x70x85mm - ~450g - 85CCA - 59.95

Lipo05B - 120x60x90mm - ~450g - 85CCA - 55.95

Lipo07B - 113x70x85mm - ~560g - 105CCA - 64.95

Lipo07C - 150x87x93mm - ~650g - 105CCA - 64.95

Lipo09A - 150x87x105mm - ~800g - 140CCA - 85.95

Lipo09B - 150x65x92mm - ~700g - 155CCA - 95.95

Lipo09C - 130x70x132mm - ~725g - 155CCA - 95.95

Lipo10A - 150x87x93mm - ~900g - 210CCA - 105.95

Lipo12A - 150x65x92mm - ~1000g - 220 CCA - 129.95

Lipo12B - 150x87x93mm - ~1060g - 240 CCA - 135.95

Lipo12C - 150x87x105mm - ~900g - 190CCA - 95.95

Lipo12D - 150x87x105mm - ~1000g - 180CCA - 95.95

Lipo12E - 130x70x132 - ~900g - 180CCA - 95.95

Lipo12F - 130x70x132mm - ~90g - 180CCA - 95.95

Lipo14B - 150x87x93mm - ~1000g - 240CCA - 135.95

Lipo14C - 130x70x132mm - ~970g - 210CCA - 105.95

Lipo20A - 175x87x130mm - ~1450g - 360CCA - 165.95

P+P will be worked out per order as due to the nature of the batteries they need to be sent via courier and price will vary depending on location and weight of the battery/batteries ordered, postage for UK residents (2 - 3 day courier) will be around 6-10 for most mainland, possibly up to 20 for Highlands/islands.

For more information on the batteries you can view them on my website HERE, the batteries do have a rough rating of what power of battery they are meant to replace but it's difficult to offer advice re what would best suit a particular vehicle, if you decide after purchasing that you need a more powerful battery I will happily take the one you purchased back and provide the more powerful one, simply charging the extra postage and difference between the batteries costs.

Any questions feel free to ask and I am more than happy to combine postage if you are after other bits as well

Best Regards
Oliver, Furore Cars Ltd. & Furore Products

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