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Author: Subject: Swirl Pot
the dave

posted on 19/8/07 at 08:11 PM Reply With Quote
Is there an optimum size of swirl pot.

If it was 1/2 ltr, i would have thought that it held more than enough fuel for hard cornering etc, is this right?

Also any recommendations for high pressure fuel pumps to work for the zetec, they seem to have lots of different stats and i'm not sure which ones are relevant.

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posted on 1/10/07 at 08:31 AM Reply With Quote
Ok here's another option, move the Low pressure pump tu the engine bay and feed the return of the swirlpot to a T piece before the low pressure pump in the engine bay.
that how mine used to work.. or get a golf pump that does it all for you!


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posted on 3/10/07 at 08:40 AM Reply With Quote
There is a way that could work with only one line in the tunnel, but I don't know if it's been tested:


-------------------------> To fuel rail
-------- ----------- | -------------
-->| Tank |--->| HP Pump |---->| Regulator |--------->---
| -------- ----------- ------------- |
| |
| |

Sorry if the diagram is not clear, for some reason the system puts spaces between every line.

If you don't have a sump in your tank then you can obviously includ a swirly pot and LP pump before the HP pump in the usual way.

The only potential issue I can see is a pressure drop in the long line to the fuel rail. You could compensate for this though as it would probably be constant - just put a pressure gauge on the rail and adjust the reg accordingly.

[Edited on 3/10/07 by matt_claydon]

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