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Tip hung pedal box - plans
Jonb_5 - 25/11/19 at 06:38 PM


I am going to make a top hung pedal box to make with theaster cylinders I currently have an wondered if anyone had done this before and how they went about it.



JC - 26/11/19 at 06:55 AM

There’s a set of plans in the Haynes Roadster manual that could be inverted and adapted?

David Jenkins - 26/11/19 at 08:01 AM

I sketched out what I wanted, then made a mock-up frame using thin MDF to hold the pedals (from an old Escort).

After fiddling around and making adjustments I drew up final sketches and transferred them to metal sheet.

Rod Ends - 26/11/19 at 01:05 PM

Have a look on Wilwood, Tilton, AP Racing, etc. sites as they have drawings for their pedals.

motorcycle_mayhem - 27/11/19 at 05:55 PM

If these would save you some time and/or hassle, I do have a top pedal set (brakes and clutch) on a shaft. There's a related accelerator pedal (more of an addendum) which is lurking somewhere... somewhere...