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Pinto for sale
belgian2b - 29/5/20 at 10:22 AM

after thinking about it for some times,

i decided to change the engine in Westfield SEW.
The Pinto engine is working perfectly, but i want to go the Duratec route with KMS injection

So here is for sale :
Pinto 205 bloc
Newman camshaft PH 4.75
Newman radiused followers and uprated valve springs
large valve head skimmed and ported unleaded seats 10.3:1 comp ratio
alloy adjustable cam puley
2 x double weber 45
Nodiz ignition
Wosp lightweight starter
Wosp ligthweight alternator

Basically, full engine except exhaust

engine was rolling road and it gives 160 HP ( tuned for road use and emissions test )

Engine still in the car , so can be tested and even rolling road again if the buyer pays the test.

Negative point : i am in Belgium (close to German and Ducth border)